Thursday, 23 January 2014

Happy New Year...

Our New Years Table   1st Post of 2014...

               Hello & Very Happy New Year To One & All.
                    I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I wish to apologise for my lack of posting for the past few months,  time has just flown by. Back in October / November we were busy painting & decorating as we had some friends from Guernsey coming to visit us for my birthday. The week following their stay we woke on the 5th Dec to receive a call advising us we were on severe flood risk alert & that we were being advised to take precious belongings upstairs. Panic! All my craft had to be taken upstairs in darkness as the village was in total blackout.
We are so very thankful we narrowly avoided being flooded, though it turned out to be an evening we will never forget. We are so shocked by the devastation friends & their homes around our village have suffered.
We were very lucky to be able to carry on planning for Christmas, which included moving my craft room to a slightly smaller room, this was because we needed a larger Christmas dining room as my parents were visiting us from Guernsey.
We had a lovely Family Christmas time, lots of eating, drinking, catching up & a little bit of shopping at
Meadow Hall, Sheffield.
I am still busy organizing my new craft room & hope to get back to crafting sometime next week.
Once again Happy New Year to you all.
Karen x


  1. Hi Karen So glad to hear from you but really sorry for the disruption in your village and glad you missed the worst of it. Have a great New Year and I look forward to seeing your lovely cards soon. Your mention of Guernsey brought back many great memories of the many summer holidays we spent on the island when my son was young it's one of my favourite places in the world !! Love and Happy Crafting in 2014 Carole x

  2. Hi Karen. Glad to see you back in blog land. I was worried about you so I'm pleased you're all ok but I am very sorry for your friends and neighbours with the awful flooding. Let's hope 2014 is better for you too as last year wasn't kind to me either. I'm looking forward to seeing more creations from you. Take care, Debra x