Saturday, 3 August 2013

LOTV Challenge Winner

Pretty In

I was so Surprised & Delighted when I switched on my laptop yesterday morning as we were in a  Restaurant having our breakfast. My page was still open on the LOTV site from the night before as my laptop had died on me while we were sat in the hotel bar. I just saw my name & entry number & I was in shock.Then I needed to sign in for the Wi-Fi connection. Panic mode, couldn't think straight, got there in the end. Hot flush, fast beating heart, got in checked. Yes it is me.
 I was actually staying in Leeds for a couple of days & had a trip planned to visit the LOTV shop that morning. I am very lucky to have chosen 4 x little girlie stamps.
Thank you Erica & Ladies at LOTV.
Thanks For Taking Time To Look Today.
Karen x

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